Chicken La Mono   $21.00
  ½   $11.00
  ¼  $7.00
  ½  with chips    $15.00
  ¼  with chips    $11.00
  ½ with chips, hummous & tabouli $23.00
  ¼ with chips, hummous & tabouli $19.00
All dine in meals are serviced with Lebanese bread
All dine in chicken meals are served with garlic sauce and pickles
Marinated Chicken with Garlic, Pickles & Lebanese Bread
Mono Mixed BBQ       $25.00
Includes Shish Kafta, Shish Tawook, Shish Kebab, served with Tabouli, Hommus, Garlic Dip, Vine Leaves, Sumbusik, Pickles & Lebanese Bread  
Mini Mono      
Served with 1 skewer   $17.00
Served with 2 skewers   $21.00
BBQ Kafta   $23.00
3 skewers of Minced Lamb with Parsley & Onions, served with Tabouli, seasoned Onions, Hommus, Pickles & Lebanese Bread  
BBQ Shish Kebab   $23.00
3 Marinated Lamb skewers served with Hommus, Tabouli, Pickles, seasoned Onions & Lebanese Bread  
BBQ Shish Tawook     $23.00
3 marinated Chicken Breast skewers served with Hommus, Tabouli, Garlic Dip, Pickles & Lebanese Bread  
Vegetarian Platter     $22.00
Hommus, Baba Ghannouj, Falafel, Vine Leaves, Cauliflower, Tahini Sauce, Tabouli, Cheese Sumbusik, Pickles & Lebanese Bread  
6 Nuggets & Chips   $10.00
Tawook Skewer & Chips   $10.00
Kafta Skewer & Chips   $10.00
Includes drink (300mL can or water)    
Vegetarian Banquet   (min. 4 people)   PP $25.00
Standard Banquet   (min. 4 people)   PP $30.00
Delux Banquet   (min. 4 people)   PP $40.00
SIDE DISHES   Back to top
Hot Chips    $5.00
Hommus Dip   $8.50
Puree of Chick Peas, blended with Tahini Sauce & Lemon Juice  
Hommus Be Lahme   $12.50
Baba Ghannouj Dip      $9.50

Puree of grilled Eggplant, blended with Tahini Sauce & Lemon Juice

Tabouli  Salad    $9.50
Finley chopped Parsley, Mint, Tomatoes, Shallots, crushed Wheat added with Lemon Juice  
Fattouch Salad   $9.50
Greek Salad     $9.00
Served with Lettuce, Cucumber, Capsicum, Tomato, Onion, Olives & Fetta Cheese  
Kabeess (pickles)   $4.00
Marinated mixed Pickles that consists of Turnips & Cucumber  
Meat Sumbusik       $7.50
Minced Lamb, Pine Nuts & Onion wrapped in pastry & lightly fried  
Cheese Sumbusik   $7.50
Fetta Cheese & Oregano wrapped in a fine Pastry & lightly fried  
Spinach Triangle   $6.00
Kibi   $7.50
Minced tender Lamb & crushed Wheat Shells, filled with Lamb & Onion lightly fried  
Cauliflower        $10.00
Fried Cauliflower, served with Tahini Sauce    
Falafel      $8.00
Chick Peas / Beans mixed with Herbs & Spices, lightly fried & served with Tahina sauce & mixed Pickles.  
Vine Leaves   $10.00
Vine leaves wrapped in Rice, mixed with Tomato, Onion & Spices  
Garlic Dip      $3.50
Labne    $7.00
Makanek Plate    $9.50
SPECIAL ROLLS   Back to top
Chicken Roll       $7.50
Shredded Charcoal Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles & Garlic  
Fresh to Order   $8.50
Shish Tawook Roll           $7.50
Marinated Breast Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Chips & Garlic  
Kafta Roll      $7.50
Skewered minced Lamb, Hommus, Seasoned Onion & Parsley  
Shish Kebab Roll      $7.50
Skewered Lamb, Lettuce, Tomato & Pickles    
Falafel Roll      $7.00
Chick Peas, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles & Tahini Sauce  
Makanek Roll   (Lebanese sausages)         $7.00
Lebanese Sausages, Pickles, Chips & Lemon Juice
Labne Roll   $6.00
Cauliflower Roll   $7.00
Chips, Tomato & Tahini Sauce    
Vegetarian Roll   $7.00
Extra on Sandwiches    
Cauliflower   $1.00
Chicken   $1.50
Homous / Baba Ghannouj   $0.50
Tabouli   $0.50
Chips   $0.50
Labne   $0.50
BYO. Facilities Available on Request.    
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